Recycled Your Gold Jewelry with Us!

Recycle Your Gold Jewelry

Author: Marc Choyt | Thursday, May 13, 2021

This is our current stock of old gold jewelry purchased from our customers!


We’ll Buy or Recycle Your Gold Jewelry! 

If you're looking for ways to cut down on your wedding ring or custom jewelry design cost, we can help!

If you are planning on purchasing jewelry from us, we’ll purchase your old or unwanted gold at 93% of spot price, and apply this as a credit.   If you want to sell your gold outright, we buy at 70% of spot price.  Spot price is based on the London Bullion Market the day we receive your material.

As artisan jewelers, we can also transform your old gold and gemstones into a brand new design — which is not only economical, but can be a great way to honor loved ones. Learn more about this process here.

Whether your old gold comes from jewelry, coins, or scrap doesn't matter! We'll work with what you have.

To get started, email info(at), call us at 1-888-733-5238, or come by 912 Baca St in Santa Fe during our business hours.

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Posted by: Kate on Dec 23, 2021
Greetings, seven years ago I purchased a large tree of life necklace and matching earrings (1 inch lever back) . Alas, my scarf caught on one earring and it is lost. Do you sell only one earring? If so what is the cost? Also, my deceased husband had a wedding band which makes no sense sitting in a box. It is gold with Pacific Northwest etching. I remember that we paid $800 for it about 25 years ago. It is thick and wide. Do you trade gold so that I could have the lost earring remade? Thanks

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