Fairtrade Gold

Here, in a video we produced from our footage in Africa, Tina Mwasha, Tanzania's first woman mining engineer, answers
the question, "Why should Americans care about buying jewelry made with fairtrade gold?"

Fairtrade offers the millions of people working in artisan mining in developing countries the best chance to work their way out of poverty and exploitation.
Our Fairtrade Gold Source

Currently, our Fairtrade Gold comes from Macdesa, a small mining operation in Peru.

Why Fairtrade Gold And How It Works

Fairtrade Gold: Small scale miners in east Africa are beginning to produce fairtrade gold though the capacity building support from fairtrade International. By having your beautifully crafted piece of jewelry created with Fairtrade Gold you're making a real difference to the community that sourced it.

Making a Fairtrade Gold Wedding Ring by Hand in 11 Steps

Our solid gold Fairtrade Gold wedding rings are made by hand in our Santa Fe studio using old-world artisan techniques. Here, we break the process down into 11 steps.

Why Fairtrade Costs More

Fairtrade Gold offers the best chance for small scale miners to work their way out of exploitation and poverty. As a customer, Fairtrade Gold gives you the opportunity to purchase a wedding or engagement ring that creates a more beautiful world we all know is possible.

Fairtrade Gold vs. Fair Trade Gold: What's in a Name

At Reflective Jewelry, our ‘Fairtrade Gold’ and ‘fair trade gold’ labels might have you a bit confused. Allow us to clear things up!

Fairtrade Gold in Africa
With fair trade that supports empowered producers and ethical international business people, small-scale gold mining can become an economic driver that alleviates poverty and preserves the environment.
Face of Fairtrade Gold in Peru
Marc Choyt was sponsored by Fairtrade to attend a round table conference in London, representing North American jewelers. Eugenio Huayhua Vera, who had been flown in from Sotrami, Peru, tells how he started.
Our Fairtrade Gold Sourcing
Our initial purchases of fairtrade gold come from Sotrami, in Peru.
Fairtrade Gold vs Recycled Gold
The purchase of jewelry made with recycled precious metals does not diminish the atrocities and tragedies associated with large or small-scale metal mining. Fairtrade certified gold makes a real difference.

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