Why You Will Want Mangagement Rings

Why You Will Want Mangagement Rings
With a mangagement ring, men can experience the thrill of the formal engagement ring proposal that ultimately leads up to wedding.
Mangagement Rings: With mangagement rings, men can experience the thrill of a formal engagement ring proposal and its rituals leading up to marriage.
Marriage essentially weaves community and individuals together, for support, celebration and commitment. Though its traditions are steadfast in the mainstream, many couples want to make the engagement and ceremony into something that uniquely expresses both their own individuality as well as the times we live in. Betrothed lovers are breaking wedding customs, gender roles and jumbling up traditions in order to celebrate their life and relationship in a manner which best expresses their own unique journey.

With gender equality, both men and women are proposing to men. In fact, a recent survey from Engagement 101 found that 71% of men would be open to wearing an engagement ring. And, why shouldn't men, particularly those who love beauty and jewelry, be able to wear an engagement, or shall we say, a mangagement ring? These days, in fact, with the offering of engagement rings to men, men can experience the thrill of the formal engagement ring proposal and the subsequent anticipation and rituals leading up to a splashy wedding ceremony.

Here are some practical benefits for these rings. Engagement is an important cultural tradition and an essential bridge to the lifelong commitment of the actual marriage. Whether you are gay or straight, when your man is wearing a diamond management ring, everyone will know that he is clearly taken. The ring is also a beautiful reminder of his commitment which he can show and celebrate with his greater community.

A recent survey found that 71% of men would be open to wearing an engagement ring. Learn more about this new tradition here.

The traditions of engagement extend back thousands of years, perhaps beginning with the ancient Romans. The exchange of rings in the marriage ceremony predates the giving of an engagement ring, and the customs related to engagement itself also existed long before the engagement ring became prevalent.

The period of formal engagement is very practical. It provides a time for the communities' reaction and counsel. Engagement also offers the families of the bride and groom, as well as the larger community, opportunities to prepare and plan for the wedding. Successful engagements provided a solid spiritual, financial, social, and family foundation for the married couple.

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