Custom Design
Our step by step custom design process guarantees that you will love the piece of jewelry we make for you.
Custom Design
Our jewelers, (left to right: Michelle Montman, Gloria Vigil , Collette Chamberlain, Helen Chantler) specialize in custom design handmade right in our studio.
Custom Design
Creative Collaboration: The Process
Over the past twenty years, we have developed a custom design process which guarantees that we will create for you a piece of jewelry that you'll love. Because we are a designer studio, actually fabricating much of what we produce in house, there are an infinite number of variations in what we can do to create your custom design. These can be categorized into three different levels of custom: simple, moderate, or full.
Simple Custom
This involves minor modifications within our existing line of jewelry. We can use your gemstones in our pieces, or even put entirely different gems into our existing designs. We can vary metal choices; making a design that is silver into gold or platinum. This type of custom request adds l ittle or no extra time to production. And upcharge, if any, is determined by changes in material.
Moderate Custom
With moderate custom processes, we are making changes to the original design of the piece. We can vary the width of a pendant or a ring by changing its borders. We can make a particular pattern larger or smaller. We can make a piece heavier, or take one pattern that you like from a particular pendant and move it to another. We can also change clasps, ring mounts, add or subtract lengths from different chains, or make something extra-large or extra-small within our existing line. Sometimes these changes are relatively simple, but other times we will be creating drawings for collaboration. These types of custom changes can add time to the project. Depending upon whether or not we have to create drawings, we will require a small down payment which will be applied to the cost of the piece.
Full Custom
This process involves making something entirely original from your idea. It starts simply with you sending us a drawing or a concept. We will discuss it with you and talk about timing and options. Once we agree to move forward, we may require a non-refundable down payment of $200 to start designs for your approval. Once the design is approved, we will ask for a deposit or full payment. Our step by step custom design process guarantee that you will love the piece of jewelry we make for you. Once a custom design is approved for fabrication, it is non-refundable. Exchanges are sometimes possible at our discretion.
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Please contact us by calling our office by telephone at 888-733-5238. You can also send us an email. We look forward to working with you soon!
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